Yoga for You


Episode 1: Moving in & out

This class is all about just getting into your body and start to feel like what it is to flow/to move in and out of poses. By moving in a pose, it helps to connect deeper to the breath and to feel how the consistent movement helps you to go deeper into the asana. This is a beginner level class, but it is a great class for all levels. For advanced students, sometimes, it is just nice to flow, feel your body without over doing it.

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EPISODE 2: lateral flow

Get into your side body with this class. Open up through the waist and outer hip area to help create more length in your spine. This class is about 30 minutes long. All levels class.

EPISODE 3: welcome to your hips

So many of us have tight hips from either too much of a good thing or too much sitting because of our jobs. This class will start on your back while you begin to explore the lateral hips and to stretch it out.

EPISODE 4: Twists

This class will lead you through several twists - on your back, standing and seated. Twists are great to detox, increase elimination - physically and mentally. They have a quieting and grounding effect on the body. 

EPISODE 5: Post Biking

This class focuses on stretching out the psoas, hamstrings and quadriceps (front of the thighs and the back of the legs). This is a simple flow to follow up a day out on your bike, hiking or on the slopes. Even a day of sitting and you feel tight. Stretch out the muscles to allow you to recover better and be ready for the next day. 

EPISODE 6:Pre-Snowboarding

This class focus on the external rotators of the hips - the muscles that turn the legs out - and the abductors of the hips - the muscles that move the legs away from the center. This is my go to before I ride because it warms up the muslces (including the core) that will be used while on the slopes. 

EPISODE 7:Pre-Skiing

This class focuses on the lower gluteus maximus, core and quads. It's a great class to do before you hit the slopes or the days in between. It warms up the muscles to be used, so you can have a safer day on the slopes. 

EPISODE 8: Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga: This gentle class will lead you through few poses that are held for about 2 minutes. When we hold poses for a longer time it allows for a deeper stretch to the muscles and to the myofascia that surrounds the muscles. Yin Yoga is very nourishing and relaxing, great for when you are tired yet feel the need to do something good for your body. You will need a pillow, bolster or a thick blanket as a prop. 

EPISODE 9: De Stress

Stressed out? This class works on the Liver Gall Bladder channels in Chinese Medicine. The Liver meridian is the mover of Qi (energy) in the body and when we are stressed, the energy in our body does not flow properly. Hence, we become irritable, angry, emotional and tired. This class will move you in and out of poses to free up the Liver & Gall Bladder channels and get your Qi flowing. 

EPISODE 10: Detox Flow

Twist it out! If you are feeling sluggish from not nourishing your body properly, this is the perfect flow. The class will focus on twists - seated and standing. While in a twist the organs are compressed and when done the body sends a surge of blood to the organs that were compressed to help release toxins. Make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush out what you no longer want. 

EPISODE 11: Strengthen your Low Back

This class will focus on strengthening your low back. This can help release the dull achey low back pain. There will also be some counterposes to help you release and open the back as well.



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EPISODE 12: Get moving

Are you feeling tired? Not motivated? This class will help you get moving. It is a mix of dynamic poses (moving in and out) and static poses (holding). Feel the strength in your legs to get your grounded and feeling good. Have fun!

EPISODE 13: Cross it up

This class will guide you through several poses where either your arms or legs are crossed. Don't worry it won't be challenging, but it will feel really good to release your outer hips and shoulders. Feel revived and refreshed. This has been a simpler form of my practice and a great compliment to the many hours spent on the mountain in the winter. 

EPISODE 14: Shoulder Opener

Tight shoulders? Too much time on the computer or in the car? Learn how to unwind the stress and tension that can easily be built up in the shoulders. The class will start off in an easy restorative pose that you can do any time you are feeling tightness across the front of your chest. Enjoy!


EPISODE 15: Forward Folds

Open up your hamstrings and relieve tension in your legs and low back. Yes, there will be options available especially if you have tight hamstrings. Bend your knees as much as you need to and use props to help you access poses. Enjoy!

EPISODE 16:Balance

This class will focus on strengthening the muscles important for balancing. We will look at simple ways to strengthen the hip stabilizer muscles and the core. The standing poses will be simple and will build upon each other with the focus of strengthening the core and hip muscles. Enjoy!

EPISODE 16:Easy on the shoulders

This class will have no weight bearing movements on the shoulders. It begins with standing poses to strengthen the legs and variations of what to do with your arms, especially if there are limitations or injuries. The class then moves to the floor for some seated forward folds, twist followed by backbends than savasana. Enjoy!


EPISODE 17:ShorT & Sweet

This class is perfect for when you are limited on time. It is about 15 minutes long and will get your body moving, connected to you breath and ready for what comes next in your day. Enjoy!

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EPISODE 18:Post Run

This class is for after a run or hike to bike. It targets the hamstrings and hip flexor muscles. Stretching after a run increases muscle pliability and quicker recovery.  Enjoy!

EPISODE 19:Gentle Flow

This is perfect for those days that you know you should move, but don't have a ton of energy to expense. Move in and out of poses slowly just to open up the body and feel good.  Enjoy!

EPISode 20:short & sweet2

Short on time? This class will fit that need when you don't have much time, but now that practicing yoga will make a difference in your day. Move through lunges and some forward folds.  Enjoy!

EPISODE 21:Pre-Hike

This class will get your muscles firing for a hike, walk, bike or run. Get into your quads, gluts and psoas muscles. Warm them up just enough so you can maximize your efficiency while enjoying your sport. Enjoy!

EPISODE 22:Calm your mind

Yoga makes you feel good. But you can also use the poses to create how you want to feel. This one focuses on calming your mind, so that you can focus, be still or just be peaceful throughout the day. Enjoy!

EPISODE 23:Short & Sweet 3

Take 15 minutes of your day to move and feel good.  Enjoy!

EPISODE 24:Core & Quads

This yoga session focuses on strengthening your abdominals and quadriceps muscles. It's a great way to get your muscles firing before you go out for a hike, bike ride or for your off days to train these muscles. Enjoy!

EPISODE 25:Slowly Open your hips

Many of us have something going on in our hips. This class will work its way around and through the hips in order to feel more open and flexible. Work at your own level. Enjoy!

EPISODE 26:Short & Sweet4

When you are short on time, yet want to move. This 15 minute class will fit that need. Enjoy!

EPISODE 27:Unwind

Stressed? Anxious? Overworked? Take 25 minutes to help you unwind, move your body and breath. This gentle class will help you transform your day. Enjoy!

EPISODE 28:from the Heart

This gentle back bending class will help one tap into the energy of the heart. Allow one to release tightness in the chest and upper back to create more space for compassion. Enjoy!

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EPISODE 29:Short & SweeT 5

Take time to move even when you are short and time. Transform your day in 15 minutes. Enjoy!