Functional Medicine


What is Functional Medicine?

It is an all systems biology approach to treating chronic illnesses. It focuses on getting to the root cause of a person's symptoms by delving into one's personal health history, diet/nutrition, lifestyle, environment, genetics and family health history.

Functional Medicine asks how and why an illness occurs.

By understanding an illness's pathology - how it began and the progression for a particular individual - one can be prescribed the best treatment for their optimal health.


Functional medicine states that one disease could have many causes or one cause can lead to many diseases. For example, depression may be a result of hormone imbalance, inflammation, or stress. Whereas inflammation can lead to heart disease, depression, arthritis, cancer and diabetes. With this perspective it is important to consider the whole person and all of their current health concerns, as well as their health history to decide the proper course of treatment, as well as diet/nutrition choices, lifestyle - exercise, sleep, stress management, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

What does a Functional Medicine treatment include?



The initial treatment will be 1  1/2 hours long in order to get a full picture of the patient's health concerns and history, and set health and wellness goals.

There are intake forms for the client to fill out beforehand, and one in particular that will help the client track their own progress as they get better. Ana will take the time to explain what is going on with that one's body that has brought them to their current situation and prescribe a plan to help the client towards health. Some easy recommendations will be provided in the first treatment, however, it is in subsequent treatments that more recommendations will be offered. These treatments will be 30 minutes.

Can Functional Medicine be combined with acupuncture treatments?


Of course, acupuncture and Functional Medicine work perfectly together. Acupuncture treatments will focus on improving client's health by targeting the root cause of the illness or chronic disease. The treatments are individualized to what a clients particular body is in need of. In addition, acupuncture reduces stress which is beneficial in the healing process. If working these two together, the treatments will be one hour long with a 15 minute intake initially to discuss the client's progress.


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