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Yin Yoga with Linda Freeman


Yin Yoga as a practice complements and balances the practice of Yang Yoga; neither is meant to be done alone. While Yang styles of Yoga emphasize dynamic muscular movements, Yin Yoga is quieter with periods of stillness in which to explore the edges of what is deep inside: ligaments, tendons, fascia, joint capsules, cartilage. Though a Yin practice may be less active with long held postures, it is not a relaxation in the general sense. Progress in Yin is measured by the length of time one remains in a pose rather than one’s physical flexibility. By exploring one’s physical and mental edge, the Yin student learns to honor sensation and self-awareness. Based on the teachings of Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark, as well as my own teacher Josh Summers, I teach either an entire practice devoted to Yin Yoga or a combination class integrating the benefits of both Yin and Yang. Classes are suitable for all levels.

Class card or drop if of $15