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Restorative Yoga & Reiki


A 1 1/2 hour Reiki Restorative Yoga class taught by Ana collaborating with Angie Andrews who will be offering Reiki. This is a gentle yoga class with long held poses to nourish the body, mind and spirit. We will be using bolsters and props to allow your body to relax deeply and drop into a place of healing. Angie will be offering Reiki during class. Reiki is the channeling of universal healing energy. It is deeply relaxing and promotes feelings of peace and harmony. This in turn allows the body to tap into it's own innate ability to heal. Most people report experiencing deep relaxation and shifts in stuck energy after receiving Reiki.  

This amazing duo of yoga and reiki can help you feel refreshed, relax the nervous system and allow you to sleep better, increase the feeling of calmness and centered. 

Space is limited to 20 people, so we highly recommend that you pre-register for this event. $22/person