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Fascia: what is it and why work with it?


Lately, the myofascial balls or these super bouncy balls have been a part of yoga class. 

Fascia is connective tissue within the body. There are several layers. The first being the superficial which lays just under our skin. It houses part of the immune system. After our skin, it has the most nerve endings and is a passageway for blood vessels. Fascia encapsulates the whole body and acts as a protective and support system. 

The second layer, which is the layer we work with in class is the deep fascia. This is dense fibrous tissue that surrounds each muscle, runs through the muscle and envelopes each fiber. It also comes together to form tendons. This layer helps to transmit force. It also lubricates the tissue to allow for muscles to slide and glide by each other. 

The last layer is the visceral layer which suspends organs in the cavities. 

Back to that middle layer or the Deep Fascia With age, injury or overuse this layer can get stuck. When this happens there may be pain in the muscles or joints; decreased range of motion; less mobility throughout the body for example. 

Fascia is a fibrous tissue mainly composed of collagen amongst other things including white blood cells, fibroblasts, elastin and ground substance. The ground substance is key in attracting water and it fills the spaces between fibers and cells which comprises 70% of fascia. Collagen creates the structure of the fascial web. 

When we roll on the balls, a foam roller, or block in class we are breaking down the fascia. In doing so, the body needs to repair itself, so it increases collagen production and the release of fluids into the system. Being well hydrated is key for the body to lay down clean fascial lines in order to reduce the stickiness of the fascial tissue. 

Myofascial release can decrease pain, increase range of motion, increase recovery time and increase pliability of the muscles. 

If you come to class and have something you want to work on, let me know so we can incorporate it into the sequence. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. 

Winter is here!

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.

I love when the snow falls and all is silent.

I love that I can see through the trees and see the landscape of the mountains.

I love to get out on my board and ride. Carve some turns. Get a little better.

I love feeling the cold on my cheeks and knowing that I have a warm house to go into.

I love seeing all of the animal tracks - deer, rabbits, foxes, fischer cats.

I love going for a walk while the snow is falling. The world is magical and beautiful. It always takes my breath away. 

I love putting on my pajamas at 4pm. 

I love the smell of wood burning in a fireplace. 

I love wearing a cozy sweater.




"The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment."

Yesterday evening, no students showed up to take my yoga class, so I had a choice to stay or to go home. It's tempting to want to go home at 5:45pm; however, I chose to stay and commit my time at the studio to yoga. Of course my mind went in several different directions, but I reeled my thoughts in and reminded myself "this is only your second week of teaching, it takes time to build a student base."

It's easy to get down in the dumps; get frustrated; wonder why it's not happening. It's much harder to trust in the unknown. Trust that I am here for a reason. Trust that I have something to offer. Trust in the process. Trust that the students will come. 

For me, in order to have trust, I need to have faith and be patient. 

Cambridge dictionaries defines patience as "the ability to accept delay, suffering, or annoyance without complaining or becoming angry." 

Wow, that definition doesn't sound easy. But, I love to teach yoga. I love to share it with my students and see them change, grow, and become more attuned to their heart. At moments, it is difficult knowing that I said goodbye to a very loyal group of students who regularly attended classes for this unknown entity of what is to come in my life. However, I have chosen to trust that God will provide, have faith that I am here for a reason, have patience that everything will work out as it will. In the meantime, I'll continue to show up to teach and know that those who are ready to work with me will come.