heart meridian

Summer And the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each season corresponds to an element which is than associated to organ systems within the body. Summer which we are just entering corresponds to Fire and is associated with the Heart and Small Intestine channels. When I think of this time of year, I think of the natural expansion that comes from spring time - the flowers are in full bloom, the vegetables are going, the baby animals from the spring are growing. This energy is expansive, light, fiery. Things happen quickly. The longer days tends to draw out the best in people and there tends to be more laughter and joy in people's lives. But as with all things there needs to be a good balance of fire. When the fire element is in balance we are joyful, loving, and able to receive the warmth of others. However, when there is not enough of this element, there is the lack of joy and contentment. One can be more fearful, anxious, or emotionally cold. Too much fire, is the person who is always "on", always laughing, always moving, never able to stop.

The key is to be in balance. If there is the lack of fire - what makes you happy? what brings a smile to your face? And do more of that. Get out. Feel the sun on your skin. Be in nature. If there is too much fire, than carve out time to rest, go for a dip in a lake or the river. 

Throughout the coming weeks, I will be posting more about the Heart and fire. Ways that yoga, mediation, crystals and diet can help to bring this element into balance. 

For now, enjoy Summer Solstice!