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Pericardium 6 - Soothe Anxiety And More With This Acupuncture Point

Pericardium 6 (PC6) is named Inner Pass because it is about our connection to ourselves on an emotional level. However, this point is more commonly used to prevent nausea related to pregnancy, seasickness or traveling in a car. It is the area that the wristbands for seasickness recommends that you place the magnet on. Two of its' functions are: 1) Downbear counterflow and checks nausea and 2) harmonizes the Stomach. However, there is one more function that is useful for those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or heart palpitations, which is it opens and relaxes the chest. Some of the other symptoms this point can help alleviate are palpitations, heart pain (please check with your doctor if you are experiencing pain in your heart), anxiety, fullness in the chest, hiccups and insomnia.

The Pericardium in Chinese Medicine is related to the heart and the PC interior portion of meridian begins in the stomach and travels up through the chest where it surfaces the body just lateral to the nipple and down the middle interior portion of the arm. This explains why this one point can treat issues related to the digestive system, as well as the heart. 

To locate PC6, take two fingers and slide them from the wrist towards the elbow gently where your fingers will fall into a natural hollow about 2 inches from the wrist, Inner Pass is at this height and in the middle of the forearm. Apply gentle pressure for about 1 minute or until symptoms are relieved. 

Grief - It Is 100% Okay To Cry, To Yell, To Be Afraid, To Feel Loss Or Whatever Else. It Is Okay.

As I sit here and absorb the news of a tragic accident that took the lives of 5 teenagers from the area, my heart is heavy. The loss for these families and friends is real. Deep. Horrific. To comprehend the loss of one individual is hard, nonetheless 5.

From experience, I know the journey through grief is rough - months of anger, tears, or the shear lack of comprehension. Life feels surreal. Heavy. Burdened. Painful.

After my brother died, every morning upon awakening I would think that he is still alive. But in those brief seconds before I opened my eyes, his funeral would play back in my head. Nope he is gone. It was rough. I would go out to teach, come home to cry on my bed. I didn't get it. My days were numb. I couldn't feel anything other than the loss. And no words could console me. I would get angry when someone would say "It gets better with time." When I wanted to respond "F*&k you! How can this get better?"

And oddly it does. That amount of time is different for each individual for some it may be months and for others years. As a new normal, of life without a loved one, sets in, life shifts. It feels okay to smile, to laugh, or to enjoy life without them here. It is not an easy journey.

Finding the right support system to learn to cope; to make sense of the tragedy; and to shed tears is important. To know that it is okay to feel what you are feeling. It is 100% okay to cry, to yell, to be afraid, to feel loss or whatever else. It is okay. The worst thing is bottling up the sadness and not dealing. 

It took me several years to understand that I didn't have to grieve for the loss of my brother everyday. I can miss him everyday, but my life is not controlled by the feelings of loss and sadness that I experienced right after his death. And trust me, I can take myself back to the hospital that morning he died; walking into his apartment knowing he will never set foot in there; his wake; his  services in NY and Miami. All of that can be fresh in my memory if I let it and the tears will come. This is what I mean by that I don't have to grieve him everyday. Yes, I miss him. I miss him a lot. Even though, I cannot hear his voice, see him or get a hug, I know that he is with my every day of my life. And this is something I learned with time. It was not over night, nor should any of these families experiencing the pain of this horrific loss feel like they need to be there. Grieving is a process.

I pray for these families that they can find solace within each other as they embark upon there new normal without their child, sibling, niece, nephew or friend. I pray that their friends are compassionate; willing to listen; and offer the support that is needed. I pray that they can find peace within their hearts when the time is right for them.


Heart Meditation

Meditation can be a daunting activity for some. The common reason that most people don't do it is because they "cannot get their mind quiet." However, it is about observing those thoughts that surface and not ruminating on them. Eventually the thoughts will quiet down, and then sometimes they are chatty as ever. It is good to have different techniques available when sitting down to meditate. This heart meditation is one of my favorites.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position - if you like sitting with your legs crossed great, but you can also sit on a chair with your back straight. If you want you can set a timer for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever desired length of time you want to sit for. During the first few moments draw your awareness on your breath. Observe it's natural flow. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Then draw attention to your heart center (medial to your heart, between the breasts). If you want you can place your hands here, but it is not necessary. Begin to breathe into your heart. Follow your breath in and out. Observe any thoughts that may come and release them with your exhale. Try not to stay focused on one thought. And if the same thought comes up, observe it. See how your body feels; what happens to your breath. Just observe. Try not to attach to the story that is being told. Always come back to the breath. And it is okay if your mind is chatting up a storm. It is one way that we work through our karma. So allow yourself to accept what is coming up. No judgement. Just observe. 

The more one sits the easier it becomes. If trying to meditate on your own is challenging, find a guided meditation that you like. I use and have several teachers that I like. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I will be happy to answer them.


Liver 3 - Supreme Surge

Springtime means Liver & Gall Bladder season. It's is the time that we are coming out of winter's slumber and unfurling with the sun and warmer weather. It's natural to feel more energy, vibrant, and creative. However, if the Liver energy is not moving properly one can be irritable, angry, frustrated, stuck, get headaches behind the eye, insomnia, stress and sighing. Pressing on Liver 3 Supreme Surge for 30-60 seconds can soothe the flow of Liver energy in the body. This point is found about 1 inch away from the webbing between the big and second toe.