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Motor Point Acupuncture

This summer has been a busy one so far. In the past two months, I have attended 3 conferences and completed 3 trainings. One of these trainings is on Motor Point Therapy.  

Motor Point Therapy strengthens weak muscles and relaxes tight ones. How does it do so? A needle is inserted into the muscle belly where the nerve enters the muscle. The needle is gently stimulated until a twitch response occurs. This causes the nerve and muscle to reset. So that a muscle that is not firing could contract thereby increasing its strength and a muscle that is constricted from overuse to relax. It is important that muscles know how to turn on and off their ability to contract. An overly used muscle will cause the fibers to be in constant contraction leading to the muscle to shorten eventually putting strain on the tendons and joints. This will cause pain and dysfunction in the muscles and joints. A weak muscle will cause other muscles to work harder just to maintain balance in body, also resulting in pain and dysfunction.

Motor point therapy thus resets the muscle to restore joint mobility to normal function and eliminate pain.

While at this training, I was looking forward to the moment we would work on our hips.  For a couple of years, I have had some issues with my right hip. There is decreased range of motion. I know that the gluteus medius doesn't fire. Sometimes, I would get a dull achey pain along my lateral thigh. Sometimes, sciatica. Of course, I have tried several different things throughout the years to release this pain, but nothing seemed to fully get at the source. So, when it came time to work on the hips, I was the first to jump on the table. Initially, my colleague worked on my quadratas lumburam (low back) and gluteus medius. Those two helped, but what I knew I really needed was to come next. I lay on my side to have my tensor fasciae latae needled. This was the spot! The needle was in briefl; stimulated by electricity to further elicit the muscle twitch; and finally, withdrawn. I stood up and began to swing my right leg around and around. Wow! My hip felt so good. There was mobility, freedom and no pain! (Disclaimer, depending upon chronicity of the issue everyone may respond differently.

I am so excited to be offering this treatment to the community because it is quick and effective. Sometimes depending upon the person, a muscle may go back to its old habits and stay in a contracted state or it may stop firing, so it is important to have several treatments to ensure muscle pliability. 

If you are interested in this treatment or to learn, please call at 802-496-9204 or email

LuoZhen - Acupressure for Neck Pain

LuoZhen, meaning Fell Off Pillow, is an acupuncture point to relieve neck strain or sprain, whiplash, sore neck and pain in the shoulder and arm. The point is located in the hollow just below the knuckles of the 2nd & 3rd fingers.  Before applying pressure, check to see your range of movement on both sides of the neck by looking to one side than the other. As well, just tilt your head to one shoulder than the other. Just get a sense of where there is pain or stiffness. Begin by applying pressure to the side that has more pain or less range of movement. I tend to press rather deeply to where I feel a some tenderness, then I gently massage the area by doing small circles in one direction for about 1 - 2 minutes.  If both sides of the neck are tight, repeat for the other hand. Then check in with your range of motion in your neck to see how this point can relieve neck pain.  If there is any numbness, tingling or referring pain, please see your primary care physician about your symptoms. 

Winter is here!

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.

I love when the snow falls and all is silent.

I love that I can see through the trees and see the landscape of the mountains.

I love to get out on my board and ride. Carve some turns. Get a little better.

I love feeling the cold on my cheeks and knowing that I have a warm house to go into.

I love seeing all of the animal tracks - deer, rabbits, foxes, fischer cats.

I love going for a walk while the snow is falling. The world is magical and beautiful. It always takes my breath away. 

I love putting on my pajamas at 4pm. 

I love the smell of wood burning in a fireplace. 

I love wearing a cozy sweater.




Being Versus Doing

We have all heard that we should "do" less and be more." Or something or other along those terms. However, how does one accomplish what needs to get done on a daily basis when there is life to live - jobs, family, exercise, social obligations and friends - and still be?

Until recently did I not fully comprehend this concept. It was the end of an amazing family trip out west and we had arrived at our final destination in Las Vegas. My niece came with me to my room to check it out. All I saw was this bench at the end of the bed that was half filled with pillows and all I wanted to do was to fall back on the bed into the soft and luxurious pillows. So that is exactly what we did. Not once, but about 5 times. We recorded each and everyone of them and one was posted to the group chat on WhatsApp. Each family - either paired off or on their own did the same thing and shared with the rest of us. The best part is that everyone clearly loved falling back onto the bed. It was playful, childlike, fun and joyous all in this simple act. 

I posted the video on Facebook and a friend commented something about "how present I was and how that showed upon my face." That struck a huge chord in me - a good one to self-reflect. "What am I like in my day to day life? Am I so caught up in settling into a new town that I am not allowing myself to enjoy? Am I coming off to people as strung up?" 

So, I took the moment to think about the difference. For the past week, I had been traveling with my family, each day in a new place. We were told when we had to be on the bus, where we would be eating, where we were going. There was no planning involved off the big things. This allowed me to sit back in the comfort of knowing that things were taken care of and enjoy the time with my family. I was being and not doing! The lightbulb when off in my head. For the previous 4 months, being new to a small town I had been constantly thinking of how to get myself known; how do I build a business; who do I connect with; how do I build my business and many more question and to-do lists went through my head on a regular basis. In addition, I felt that I had to accomplish all of this by a certain point.  The stress and pressure was a lot. I was caught up in the doing and getting the check list done. I had been made aware of the difference in my life being in the "doing" versus the "being."

When I came home, I knew I had to try to stay in this frame of mind and not fall back into the doing. It was actually simpler than I thought. Things in my life started to flow. I was allowing myself to get things done, but also seeing that what I had been working on was moving forward. It was really nice to be a part of everything and not feel like I had to get it done right now. There was little stress. It was definitely interesting to see the difference because it is so subtle, yet profound when one can drop into the present moment and not worry about what's to come nor what has happened. This past week, I saw the "doing" Ana start creeping in and it came about because of an event that I had planned. In wanting the even to be full, I found myself back in a familiar place. Gently, I had to remind myself to sit back, do what I can in appropriate timing, and allow things to unfold as they will. 


Getting Over Fear

Shortly after moving the Valley, I realized that I needed to learn how to mountain bike. Yes, I used to road cycle in Miami and do over a 100 miles a week, but this is nothing like that. The first day I got on my bike and went straight uphill with a friend, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. This is hard. Miami was flat, easy and if you came upon a hill you were crossing a bridge on paved road. Not here in Vermont - the state with the most dirt roads. I digress.  That first ride was very humbling experience and showed me that I needed to do more cardio - even hiking wasn't enough to keep up with mountain biking. 

The next thing was to go to Blueberry Lake. A little nervous, fearful, and excited all balled up into one. I decided to just do Tootsie Roll over and over again, in order to get comfortable, feel my bike, and get used to shifting. This was a whole new experience. I stayed to Tootsie for several times and my fear drove my to use the brakes almost always going down a hill. Then came the other trail's - Leonard's Loop and even later Flying Squirrel. The first couple of times the fear and nerves were present; I had no clue how to deal with a switchback; and I still rode the brake often. Oh boy, I didn't realize how quickly I would love trail riding. I am sticking to the same trails and each time getting a little better. It has been humbling when I can't make it up a switchback or a kid passes me by, but hey, I am 42 and trying something new and quite proud of myself. As the fear dissipates, the love for this sport is growing.