Wei QI

Welcome To Fall

Do you notice yourself re-evaluating or reflecting upon your life a the moment and discarding what your no longer need? Are you questioning the value of things in your life? What's important and what isn't?

It is absolutely natural to have this inclination during Autumn. We are turning in from the busy energy of summer and as we prepare ourselves for winter, we take stock of what is needed and let go of what isn't. In Chinese Medicine, fall is associate to the Metal element which is represented by the Lung and Large Intestine channels. If you simply think of the main functions of these two organs from a Western perspective we can see how they are related. Our lungs take in the air providing us with oxygen and the large intestines eliminate what we do not need from our food. 

The Lungs in TCM rule the Wei Qi, which is equivalent to the immune system. It is a time of year that many people tend to get sick, feel run down. It is important to nourish these systems at this time of year. From a dietary perspective eating white foods - artichokes, cauliflower, pears, grains, and spicy foods support the function of these two systems. In yoga, backbends help to expand the front body - allowing for one to take in my breath and creating more space in the belly for the large intestines to function. These are just some easy things that you can do on your own. Of course, an acupuncture treatment can be very helpful to rebalance the system, support your body as we transition from one season to another.