Large Intestine 4 - Union Valley


The points LI4 and Lu7 tend to be used together when treating a cold. The Lung and Large Intestine channels are paired together and related the Metal Element in Chinese Medicine. For this reason, these two points are being posted simultaneously.

LI4 is commonly used be many to help with headaches because this point regulates the face, nose, eyes and ears. To find the acupuncture point, close all of your fingers and the point is on the mound between your thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure for 1 - 2 minutes. 

This commonly used acupuncture point helps to relieve pain - headaches, neck aches, chronic pain, toothaches - in the body. There have been many studies on LI4 that show it has an analgesic affect. 

This point is used to induce labor, so should not be needled during pregnancy. 

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Lung 7 Broken Sequence


Fall in Chinese Medicine is related to the Lung and Large Intestine channels in the body, so there is a tendency to see a rise in issues related to these two channels at this time of year. More colds, allergies, bronchitis are just a few examples of what one can see arise. 

This point Lung 7 which is located on the thumb side of the wrist and is found by sliding your finger from the bottom of the thumb joint up to a natural indentation in the wrist. Lu7 is the command point for the head and neck; therefore is used for colds, nasal congestion, coughs, asthma, and stiffness of neck. This point also has the ability to open the chest, so is helpful in conditions when the chest feels heavy from phlegm.

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LI20 - Welcome Fragrance

Acupuncture Point Large Intestine 20 (LI20)

Acupuncture Point Large Intestine 20 (LI20)

This acupuncture point, Large Intestine 20 (LI20) is a blessing when you are congested. The full name is Welcome Fragrance due to it's ability to open the nasal passages. The symptoms this point is indicated for are: nasal congestion without discharge, blocked or stuffy nose, sinusitis sneezing, loss of smell, and rhinitis. Welcome Fragrance is located next to the nose, near the opening. Apply pressure for 20 - 60 seconds to help relieve any of the above symptoms. 

Pericardium 6 - Soothe Anxiety And More With This Acupuncture Point

Pericardium 6 (PC6) is named Inner Pass because it is about our connection to ourselves on an emotional level. However, this point is more commonly used to prevent nausea related to pregnancy, seasickness or traveling in a car. It is the area that the wristbands for seasickness recommends that you place the magnet on. Two of its' functions are: 1) Downbear counterflow and checks nausea and 2) harmonizes the Stomach. However, there is one more function that is useful for those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or heart palpitations, which is it opens and relaxes the chest. Some of the other symptoms this point can help alleviate are palpitations, heart pain (please check with your doctor if you are experiencing pain in your heart), anxiety, fullness in the chest, hiccups and insomnia.

The Pericardium in Chinese Medicine is related to the heart and the PC interior portion of meridian begins in the stomach and travels up through the chest where it surfaces the body just lateral to the nipple and down the middle interior portion of the arm. This explains why this one point can treat issues related to the digestive system, as well as the heart. 

To locate PC6, take two fingers and slide them from the wrist towards the elbow gently where your fingers will fall into a natural hollow about 2 inches from the wrist, Inner Pass is at this height and in the middle of the forearm. Apply gentle pressure for about 1 minute or until symptoms are relieved. 

Welcome To Fall

Do you notice yourself re-evaluating or reflecting upon your life a the moment and discarding what your no longer need? Are you questioning the value of things in your life? What's important and what isn't?

It is absolutely natural to have this inclination during Autumn. We are turning in from the busy energy of summer and as we prepare ourselves for winter, we take stock of what is needed and let go of what isn't. In Chinese Medicine, fall is associate to the Metal element which is represented by the Lung and Large Intestine channels. If you simply think of the main functions of these two organs from a Western perspective we can see how they are related. Our lungs take in the air providing us with oxygen and the large intestines eliminate what we do not need from our food. 

The Lungs in TCM rule the Wei Qi, which is equivalent to the immune system. It is a time of year that many people tend to get sick, feel run down. It is important to nourish these systems at this time of year. From a dietary perspective eating white foods - artichokes, cauliflower, pears, grains, and spicy foods support the function of these two systems. In yoga, backbends help to expand the front body - allowing for one to take in my breath and creating more space in the belly for the large intestines to function. These are just some easy things that you can do on your own. Of course, an acupuncture treatment can be very helpful to rebalance the system, support your body as we transition from one season to another.