Steadiness & Ease through Yoga


“Sthira-sukham asanam.” Sutra 2.46 these are the words that kept floating in my head while teaching this morning. 

Sthira meaning steadiness. Sukham meaning ease. Asanam is yoga pose. So in each pose, we should have steadiness and ease. Not only through our physical posture, but our breath and mental fluctuations. 

When we enter a pose in yoga, one should find the stability and comfort to be in that pose. Certain poses may cause tension or agitation. So how does one settle into that moment? The breathe. 

Allowing for our breathe to be easeful - maybe it’s slowing it down; actually taking an inhale; or taking a fuller breathe. These are for you to discover in your practice on and off the mat. 

Our yoga practice, should create ease and steadiness within our lives. If it’s not that ask yourself what needs to shift? Do I need a slower practice? Do I need to move more? Do I need to meditate? Yoga Nidra? 

So not only is this sutra relevant to our yoga practice, its key for day to day life?