Spring is Time for New Beginnings


Many feel that Spring is the time of awakening; a time to set resolutions; and a time to move forward. The trees are budding. Many animals are giving birth to their young. The energy is fresh and light after many months of shortened and cold days. We are ready to shed the heaviness of the winter months. 

Naturally, we have the desire to clean our homes, eat lighter foods and spend more time outside. In Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood Energy of the Liver & Gall Bladder Channels. This is the budding energy of new things. The excitement of longer days and warmer weather. 

The Liver is also seen as the General of the Body that oversees the smooth movement of Qi. However, this energy can get stuck and manifest physically as irritability, frustration, anger, PMS, moodiness, or anger. To soothe and ease the flow of the Liver meridian, adding sour foods (lemon water or pickled foods) to one diet is essential. As well, foods such as beets, asparagus, pea shoots, sprouts or milk thistle tea can aid in the smooth movement of qi. Avoid heavy and greasy foods which can stagnate the Liver.

Get outside. Take time to spring clean your home. Eat a lighter diet. Move your body to prevent stagnation. Get plenty of rest. Start your day off with hot water and lemon. Listen to your body's needs and your soul's desires to guide you forward. Your body innately knows what it needs. Trust it!



Liver 3 - Supreme Surge

Springtime means Liver & Gall Bladder season. It's is the time that we are coming out of winter's slumber and unfurling with the sun and warmer weather. It's natural to feel more energy, vibrant, and creative. However, if the Liver energy is not moving properly one can be irritable, angry, frustrated, stuck, get headaches behind the eye, insomnia, stress and sighing. Pressing on Liver 3 Supreme Surge for 30-60 seconds can soothe the flow of Liver energy in the body. This point is found about 1 inch away from the webbing between the big and second toe.