Spleen Stomach

Late Summer - Earth Element


Late Summer

We have shifted from the long days and the heat of summer to cooler days and shortening days. 

Late Summer in Chinese Medicine's (TCM) Five Elements theory is associated with the Earth which pairs with the Spleen and Stomach Meridians. Meridians are energetic channels within the body. 

In TCM, the Spleen is regarded as we regard the Stomach. The Spleen is responsible for the "Transportation and transformation of food." Not only does it break down the foods we eat, but the thoughts and the information we process. The Stomach is where "rotting and ripening" of the food occurs for further digestion. 

We are beginning to turn our attention inward from the extreme Fiery energy of Summer. Earth energy is about being centered and grounded. It is about transitions. To move through these shifts with ease, the more grounded one is the better. In addition, the Earth element is about connection.

When the Spleen and Stomach channels are in harmony the digestion is easy; one is amiable to others; gets along well with people and is patient. 

However, when this paired energetic system is out of balance, one can ruminate or over worry about things. There physically can be digestive issues, IBS, bloating, gas, heaviness in the limbs or even an over production of phlegm. 

To keep your Spleen and Stomach channels balanced make time to connect with people. Get acupuncture. Spend more time with the Earth - gardening, hiking or just sitting under a tree reading a book. Eat more squashes, carrots, yellow or orange foods. Try to avoid to much sugar, because this will throw the Spleen off balance!

And sing! The sound associated to the Earth Channel is singing!