Time to Slow Down and Honor

2017 has started off very bittersweet. As some of you may know if you follow me on social media, I said goodbye to my sweet, loyal and caring Daisy Mae two weeks ago. She was 14 1/2 years old and gave me her all in those years. Daisy was with me while I mourned the loss of my brother and has lived with me in 6 different cities/towns. She was with me through my entire 30s. This girl lived and loved! And I am so grateful for her and the many memories. My heart is so full from all that she gave me.

However, these past two weeks there is a hole in my life, a void that is quite deep. Just the other day, was the first day that I could feel her in our home. I still call her name every so often and tell her "I love you" before I go to bed. Because of this, I have been quiet on here. I have been honoring that what energy I have is about grieving the loss, healing the wound and working.  I am getting to what I can without forcing myself to get it all done because I know it is smarter and wiser for me to honor this process, take the time. Because if I do not, then the pain of not having her near me will remain. Her loss is big in my life; however, I have been thinking of all the good she brought to my life: the many people I met through her; the 1000s of miles we walked and hiked; the playing; the belly rubs; the snuggles; the wagging of her tail; the many licks and the soft nibbling of my nose. 

Daisy was a really good dog. One of a kind. Not because she was mine, but because she just was. If you knew her, you would know what I mean. She cared. She loved kids and always checked on them. When my brother lived with me with his wife and year old twins, Daisy would get my sister-in-law when the babies were crying. She was a really good girl with a ton of character. Because of this I am allowing my heart to be full with all the love she gave and the outpouring of love, flowers and condolences I have received from friends who knew her in person and those who knew her on social media. So thank you to all of you who have helped me in this time. I still may not be posting as often as I like because I am listening to how much I can give at this moment and reserving the energy I have to do what I need to do. 

In gratitude!