Happy Place

Today as I walked through the woods after the first snowfall of the season, every single part of me was happy. There is something about being outside during and after a snowfall; its' quiet, peaceful, and gorgeous. For me it is absolutely magical. Every which way I look I am in awe of mother's nature beauty, especially today because there were still leaves on trees. Not only was the forest a mix of greens, whites, browns, but there was the occasional yellow or red leaves adding to the wonder of it all. 

Years ago, I would have never thought that snow would bring me some joy in my life, but it does. This is probably the result of having to walk my dog in every season - rain, shine, snow and sleet. It actually may be my favorite season. You can hunker down inside if you want or go out and enjoy the snow. It can bring the kid out in you if you let it. Walking throughout the woods all of me was elated. I know that the snow and the woods make me feel good, so I know I will get out there as much as possible. It makes me happy which is so essential for my well being.

I hope that you have a place that brings you so much joy in your life and if you don't, go find it. It is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.