Alternative Medicine

Ocean Jasper - July Crystal of the Month


Summer is about the ocean, lakes or rivers. So this stone, Ocean Jasper, is the first Crystal of the Month.

Ocean Jasper is from Madagascar and officially the mine has been closed. It gets it's name because of the small circles, reminiscent of bubbles in the ocean. These circles remind us of the circle of life. It is a stone of joy and happiness allowing to dissolve any negative emotions, stresses and worries. Similar to summer, we feel more care free and joyful.

There are several ways to pick a crystal. The first is just what attracts your eye from the moment you see it. What you are drawn to immediately. Usually when we read the meaning of the stone it is spot on with something that one is going through. The second is much more of a sensing energy - you place your hand an inch above a stone or several and just allow yourself to feel the energy radiate from the stone to your palm. The one that has the most sensation, is one that will be easier to connect with. Feel free to come in and we can explore this second method.

When working with any stone, it works better when you take a moment to connect and set your intention. You can clear a stone, but just clapping your hands, running it under water or by burning sage. After cleared, take the stone into your hands and set your intention. This way the stone knows what its "job". When you see the stone or feel it in your pocket, you will be reminded of your intention. 

LuoZhen - Acupressure for Neck Pain

LuoZhen, meaning Fell Off Pillow, is an acupuncture point to relieve neck strain or sprain, whiplash, sore neck and pain in the shoulder and arm. The point is located in the hollow just below the knuckles of the 2nd & 3rd fingers.  Before applying pressure, check to see your range of movement on both sides of the neck by looking to one side than the other. As well, just tilt your head to one shoulder than the other. Just get a sense of where there is pain or stiffness. Begin by applying pressure to the side that has more pain or less range of movement. I tend to press rather deeply to where I feel a some tenderness, then I gently massage the area by doing small circles in one direction for about 1 - 2 minutes.  If both sides of the neck are tight, repeat for the other hand. Then check in with your range of motion in your neck to see how this point can relieve neck pain.  If there is any numbness, tingling or referring pain, please see your primary care physician about your symptoms. 

Pericardium 6 - Soothe Anxiety And More With This Acupuncture Point

Pericardium 6 (PC6) is named Inner Pass because it is about our connection to ourselves on an emotional level. However, this point is more commonly used to prevent nausea related to pregnancy, seasickness or traveling in a car. It is the area that the wristbands for seasickness recommends that you place the magnet on. Two of its' functions are: 1) Downbear counterflow and checks nausea and 2) harmonizes the Stomach. However, there is one more function that is useful for those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or heart palpitations, which is it opens and relaxes the chest. Some of the other symptoms this point can help alleviate are palpitations, heart pain (please check with your doctor if you are experiencing pain in your heart), anxiety, fullness in the chest, hiccups and insomnia.

The Pericardium in Chinese Medicine is related to the heart and the PC interior portion of meridian begins in the stomach and travels up through the chest where it surfaces the body just lateral to the nipple and down the middle interior portion of the arm. This explains why this one point can treat issues related to the digestive system, as well as the heart. 

To locate PC6, take two fingers and slide them from the wrist towards the elbow gently where your fingers will fall into a natural hollow about 2 inches from the wrist, Inner Pass is at this height and in the middle of the forearm. Apply gentle pressure for about 1 minute or until symptoms are relieved.