Fall Into Reflection


Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Actually I love all the seasons for what they are, but I love Autumn for the colors; crisp days and cool nights; pumpkins and everything apple. As well, I love the energy of turning inward of deep reflection that is inherent in this time of year. 

As we turn away from the exuberant and outward energy of summer, Fall is about re-evaluting what is important in ones life and what no longer serves us. This is in accordance to Chinese Medicine's Five Elements Principle; however, for those who do not know much about this Eastern Modality, it is evident in the world around us that this energy is prevalent. As the days get colder and the nights get longer, we begin to conserve our energy for the winter's rest. The element that is associated to Fall is Metal - what we value in life to be necessary or important. It is natural for the things that are no longer meaningful tend to slough off. Just take a moment to observe how this is happening currently in your life.

Can you easily allow the things that no longer serve you to not be part of your life? Or do you resist and try harder to keep them? Can you let go? This is another theme that is related to the Metal Element that is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine meridians in the body. Within the basic functions of both of these we take in nutrients (oxygen in the Lungs, and vitamins & minerals in the Large Intestine) and we literally let go (carbon dioxide and the rest) of what the body doesn't need. If this system is out of balance, one can have health issues in either of these organ systems occur - allergies, colds, constipation, diarrhea or others. 

Take time at this time of year, to slow down. To nourish the Lung and Large Intestine channels eat more white foods - turnips, pears, cauliflower, cabbage, white beans, tofu, parsnips, fennel, onions, garlic and kohlrabi. Sorry no sugar - that actually weakens your immune system.

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