The leaves are changing color quickly. For a few weeks, he nights have been cooling down significantly. The mornings brisk. The wind picks up and you may notice your skin become drier.

When learning about the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine, and how each season is associated with one of these elements with particular emotions, organ systems, sounds and more. It just made sense. 

In fall, we tend to focus on what is important to us, so that we begin to shed what we no longer like. Metal is the element associated with Fall. Metal is money. Metal reflects back to us what we value. You may notice at this time of year, yourself clearing out your closet again, or shifting relationships and spending more time who value you. 

The paired organ system in Autumn is the Lung and Large Intestine. More people tend to have Lung issues - bronchitis, allergies, cough and colds. The Lungs open to the skin, so some may have more issues with their skin. After all, the skin is one way that our body detoxifies. 

The emotion of Autumn is grief and letting go. Some may find themselves handling unresolved grief. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and seek out care if you need. 


Stomach 25 - Celestial Pivot


The first time I learned about this acupuncture point, it was referred to me as the pivot between the earth and heavens. It is the center of our body from where we transition from the connection to the soil below us and the skies above us. That is why it is called Celestial Pivot.

Stomach 25 is about two finger breadths from the belly button. This point supports the earth and transforms damp. Dampness is a sign that the Spleen channel is not properly functioning.

This point is used for abdominal pain & distention, constipation, borborygmus, diarrhea, dysentery, and edema. Energetically this point can be used for those who feel as if their lower and upper bodies feel disconnected.

To apply acupressure, gently press on this point for 1 - 3 minutes to help alleviate the above issues.

For any questions, please reach out to Ana at 802-496-6346 or email

Late Summer - Earth Element


Late Summer

We have shifted from the long days and the heat of summer to cooler days and shortening days. 

Late Summer in Chinese Medicine's (TCM) Five Elements theory is associated with the Earth which pairs with the Spleen and Stomach Meridians. Meridians are energetic channels within the body. 

In TCM, the Spleen is regarded as we regard the Stomach. The Spleen is responsible for the "Transportation and transformation of food." Not only does it break down the foods we eat, but the thoughts and the information we process. The Stomach is where "rotting and ripening" of the food occurs for further digestion. 

We are beginning to turn our attention inward from the extreme Fiery energy of Summer. Earth energy is about being centered and grounded. It is about transitions. To move through these shifts with ease, the more grounded one is the better. In addition, the Earth element is about connection.

When the Spleen and Stomach channels are in harmony the digestion is easy; one is amiable to others; gets along well with people and is patient. 

However, when this paired energetic system is out of balance, one can ruminate or over worry about things. There physically can be digestive issues, IBS, bloating, gas, heaviness in the limbs or even an over production of phlegm. 

To keep your Spleen and Stomach channels balanced make time to connect with people. Get acupuncture. Spend more time with the Earth - gardening, hiking or just sitting under a tree reading a book. Eat more squashes, carrots, yellow or orange foods. Try to avoid to much sugar, because this will throw the Spleen off balance!

And sing! The sound associated to the Earth Channel is singing!

Steadiness & Ease through Yoga


“Sthira-sukham asanam.” Sutra 2.46 these are the words that kept floating in my head while teaching this morning. 

Sthira meaning steadiness. Sukham meaning ease. Asanam is yoga pose. So in each pose, we should have steadiness and ease. Not only through our physical posture, but our breath and mental fluctuations. 

When we enter a pose in yoga, one should find the stability and comfort to be in that pose. Certain poses may cause tension or agitation. So how does one settle into that moment? The breathe. 

Allowing for our breathe to be easeful - maybe it’s slowing it down; actually taking an inhale; or taking a fuller breathe. These are for you to discover in your practice on and off the mat. 

Our yoga practice, should create ease and steadiness within our lives. If it’s not that ask yourself what needs to shift? Do I need a slower practice? Do I need to move more? Do I need to meditate? Yoga Nidra? 

So not only is this sutra relevant to our yoga practice, its key for day to day life?

Punch Drunk Love from Sacred Sound


The morning after! Feeling a little hungover, yet really good.

That is what it feels like today after a 90 minute session Sacred Sound Sanctuary. Melinda Kinzie best describes her work as ”part shamanic sound healing journey & energy medicine salon”. And that is exactly what it is. She began with a brief opening about sound healing and our energetic bodies, setting intentions and allowing your body to do what it needs because it still receives the healing. Then off we went to Never Never Land!

I will admit it was a challenging for me to completely shut my brain off during the session; however, as I lay there I knew my body, brain, soul, energetic bodies were receiving so much. The first half of the class, felt like my body was releasing stagnant energy that was no longer needed. It felt as deep as my bones. There were rattles and drums and Melinda’s voice chanting complimented all of the sounds. Then she began to lay the Crystal Singing bowls and it’s as if the room was full of angels. The energy was calming, healing and full of light.

Coming back to reality was a transition and as the owner of the studio having to move back into the regular swing of things, I stayed mindful of moving slow and minimizing conversation. So many left with prayers to the heart and a bow of the head.

By the time, I got home last night, I felt light. Bright. Joyful. Full of ease. It felt really good to be in my body. My sleep last night was so deep and restful.

Today, I woke up feeling slightly hungover. My body felt different, yet good. So of course, I wanted to search and try to find an explanation online. However, I told myself to just feel. Until Melinda texted me and then I was able to ask her. This is what she said: “Most of us are running on a fair amount of adrenaline these days and most of us have some degree of adrenal fatigue. So when we go into a rest & letting go that is that deep, our bodies do not experience it in an hour and a half. Our bodies are not linear. We really come into the truth of where our body is actually at. Our endocrine system is at peace and calm. It is not experiencing adrenaline or cortisol. A lot of time people feel really tired because you are actually hearing where your body really is. The epsom salt bath afterwards is great because there is a lot of shifting in the electrolytes in the body. Lot of changes in the brain, pineal glands. A lot of neurological patterns melting in the brain that are no longer needed. We are having release.”

We are excited to be hosting Melinda Kinzie next month.